Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Teacher, Teacher, Can't You See? Book Trailer


  1. Hi,
    this is an excellent spot video showcasing the new book. It caught my attention. I wish you all the best with the marketing and much success with many sales.


  2. Thank you very much, Marta, for doing this. You are such a fine person and great friend. I am touched by this showcasing.

    Thank you, Patricia, for your kind words. I am appreciative of the well wishes.

    Take care - Cherrye

  3. Excellent book trailer dealing with such a sad and unfortunately common problem.

  4. Beautifully presented and a great message to send. You just never know when you will come up against this problem -- with your own kids, grandkids or someone else's child and it's so good to be prepared.

  5. A great enticement to read the book...doesn't give away the point, yet makes it clear the point is critical to peace in the classroom--and beyond.

  6. I am you biggest fan, Cherrye! At the core of everything you do, is a fundamental love for the innocent...children. God bless you on this journey! I respect and admire you more than you know! always, you give so much to others without a second thought. I love you dear sister. Beautiful showcase!!