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Thoughts about the book from distinguished readers
“A Great Sage and a Rascal named Doku is uplifting, enriching and deeply thought provoking. A must read for all those who are interested in living a life overflowing with abundance."
~ T. Harv Eker - #1 NY Times Bestseller, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

"This book gives you a proven, practical, step-by-step process to develop the essential "prosperity consciousness" that leads to wealth."
~ Brian Tracy – Author, Million Dollar Habits

"A rare abundance parable that pairs a recommendation of owning up to one's own greatness yet applying that greatness in continual and joyful service to others, and many other complimentary wisdoms to live a life of inner and outer wealth."
~Kerul Kassel, Ph.D – Award Winning Author of Stop Procrastinating Now and Productive Procrastination

In this book you will discover the following and much, much more:

- How Spiritual Life and Wealth are truly joined at the hip
- A deadly sliver of doubt that shreds your dreams, drives and ambitions to pieces
- What is money, it has nothing to do with Wall Street, gold, real estate, sales or marketing
- The virus that corrupts the pristine operating system you were born with and how to kill it
- Going beyond forgiveness, something that will liberate you instantly
- Success in one sentence, the twin peaks of failure and the art of getting the right answers
- Exercising without moving; the role that food, clarity, creativity and sound play in your life
- Do Soul Mates Exist and how to see through the illusion called time management
- The ultimate secret, few know this, and even fewer know how to use it effectively

"I am not a lover of self-help books and in general tend to avoid them. However, I have to say that I found Vivek Rajan Vivek's approach to this genre unique and rather ingenious. Overall, it was a good read, and would be a great introduction to the self-help/inspirational genre. It eases readers into the genre with its narratives, yet keeps the lessons intended clear enough that they don't get lost in the actual story telling. Definitely recommended for those interested!” ~Shawn Otomo

"Now, I am not personally a spiritual person, and in fact I have gone out of my way to avoid books like this in the past. I am the type who learns better through sarcasm, humor and wit, then through language dressed up with romantic spirituality. I thought the story of Doku was well written and well-paced, and it almost felt like poetic prose. Doku's journey was laid out very neatly with clear milestones and though, like I said, this isn't a step-by-step to-do list, it is clear what actions the reader can take in order to produce the same outcomes as Doku." ~Jacqueline Boss

“We would all like to get rich and be all that we can be, right? So I tucked into this short consciousness-raising piece with some skepticism but great personal interest. In the end, the work does what it sets out to do, leading the reader to a "prosperity consciousness." Vivek's work is cumulatively evocative and inspirational. It is worth taking a look at and passing on to friends who need a boost.” ~Anne Carlisle (Ph.D English Literature)

I've studied Eastern concepts for many years, including owning yoga studios, and teaching internationally, so I feel I'm well qualified to judge a book in this genre. I've read hundreds of them, if not thousands, and this is one of the best I have read on the subject. The simplicity of the story allows the reader to enter in at whatever level he or she is at. You just feel good when you finish it. The author is to be applauded for writing something that can be read merely on the surface level or at a much deeper level. " ~Dianne Harman

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